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CertaFlux DLM Slim 2000lm 6" G2

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26 Feb 2024
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LED Lamp

As an official distributor, we sell the Philips CertaFlux DLM Slim 2000lm 6" G2 LED Downlight which provides bright light and energy efficiency without draining your budget. Get special offers and the best service from us for your lighting needs.

Sell LED Downlight Philips CertaFlux DLM Slim 2000lm 6" G2

Get a superior lighting experience with Philips CertaFlux LED Downlights from Niaga Global Internusa. Designed to be energy efficient while still providing bright, consistent light, this product offers an efficient and reliable lighting solution for a variety of applications. Make your room brighter and more comfortable with Philips CertaFlux LED Downlights, and get special offers only from us.

Specifications for Philips CertaFlux DLM Slim 2000lm 6" G2 LED Downlight

Discover the technical advantages of Philips CertaFlux LED Downlights only at Niaga Global Internusa. With impressive specifications, including high brightness levels, outstanding energy efficiency and guaranteed longevity, this product provides optimal performance for your lighting needs.

Luminous Flux: Ranges from a minimum of 1926 to a typical 2140 lumens.

Module Efficacy: 132 lumens per watt.

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT): 6500 Kelvin, indicating a “bright white” color.

Color Coordinates (CIEx, CIEy): 0.318, 0.337, may indicate color coordinates on the CIE color chart.

Color Consistency: 6 SDCM (MacAdam Standard Deviation), which measures how consistent the color of a light is from one to another.

CRI (Color Rendering Index): 80, indicates how well the light reveals the true color of the object.

Photometric Code: 865/679, refers to a specific photometric standard or specification.

Radiation Angle: 110 degrees, shows how widely the light is spread from the lamp.

Photobiological Safety: RG1 without limits, indicates that this lamp is considered safe from photobiological risks.

Price of Philips CertaFlux DLM Slim 2000lm 6" G2 LED Downlight

Get the best quality without having to sacrifice your budget with this LED Downlight from Niaga Global Internusa. We offer competitive prices on these high quality products, ensuring that you get optimal value for every purchase. Contact us immediately for more information and make your lamp replacement a cost-effective but high-quality investment.

Contact Us to Order Philips LED Downlights!

Don't hesitate to contact our team for the best deals on Philips CertaFlux LED Downlights. With friendly and professional customer service, we are ready to help you find a lighting solution that fits your needs and your budget.

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